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Why do people come to therapy?

People seek therapy for themselves or their child for different reasons. There may be a specific or a mixture of reasons for coming that are related to current or past events, to an emotional issue or to addressing unwanted behaviour patterns. Some people may not even know what’s wrong, but know that something doesn’t feel right, perhaps with a sense of life feeling stuck, empty or meaningless. Sometimes there isn’t necessarily a big or deep reason for starting therapy, and it may be a helpful space for reflection, for knowing yourself better and for furthering emotional growth.

What happens when I contact you?

Taking that step of getting in touch can be daunting, and you may have lots of questions on your mind.  This is why I offer a free 20-minute, no-obligation telephone conversation where we can go over any questions and discuss what brought you or your child to therapy. During this discussion, we can think about whether it would be helpful to arrange an initial face-to-face or online appointment. 

If so, we will meet for one or several thorough assessment appointments, which is an in-depth discussion about the situation and reasons for considering therapy for yourself or your child, some personal history, the most appropriate intervention and whether I would be the right person to help with this. Depending on the age of the client and the reasons for coming, the assessment appointments may be a combination of meeting parents/carers and child, meeting parents/carers and meeting the child individually. During this assessment stage, I aim to come to a shared understanding with you on the nature of the work and an agreed plan going forwards. If I am not the right person, I will try to connect you with someone who is.

If I am working with a child, I can offer: 
•    Individual therapy when the child is seen alone on a brief, short or longer-term basis
•    Consultation to parents/carers when you receive support without the child present in the sessions
•    Parent/carer and child work when you and your child are seen together

Where do sessions take place?

I have a consulting room for face-to-face sessions in Holland Park, London W11. The room is easily accessible by tube and in a quiet residential area with a private entrance. However, please note that there are some steps going to the entrance with no wheelchair access. The room is secure, confidential and comfortable, within a calm and safe atmosphere. 


I also offer online or telephone sessions for those who prefer online work or have mobility issues and other disabilities.

What happens in a session?

Once we have agreed on regular sessions, in line with my approach, I provide children and young people with the space to bring up whatever feels important or relevant to them. This may be about particular events during the week, relational experiences or troubling thoughts and feelings. In general, it is a collaborative process where we think and explore together, and use our therapeutic relationship to help you find your own way forward. 


There may be times when you feel there is nothing to talk about. However, these can be the most productive sessions as it allows space and freedom for things to surface that can then be thought about together. 

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes, and usually at the same time each week.

How long does treatment take?

I can offer both brief, short and longer-term individual therapy depending on the needs. Some find that 6 – 8 sessions (brief work) is sufficient. Some individuals with more moderate difficulties may find that short-term therapy is more effective. Some find that more open-ended therapy, with regular reviews, is most beneficial for exploring issues more fully. I will always discuss the length of treatment, to be agreed together, at the beginning of therapy. 

Can you provide medication?

As a psychotherapist I am not eligible to prescribe medication. Usually you would need to go through a GP or to a psychiatrist. However, I can work with clients who take medication.

How much will it cost?

As I operate on a sliding fee scale depending on your financial situation and the length of treatment, I'm happy to discuss fees when you contact me.

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