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For children

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For some children, the developmental path of growing up is not smooth and can at times be rough. They may be struggling with overwhelming feelings, difficult emotional experiences or significant life changes. They may just need some support around normal developmental milestones or simply feel a little stuck.


It can be hard for children to put their worries into words, and they often express their feelings, their view of themselves and how they relate to others through their behaviour. They can seem withdrawn or not themselves, and this can feel very worrying to their parents and to the children themselves.

I aim to understand and together make sense of some of the struggles that are affecting a child’s behaviour, their thoughts and often muddled feelings. By exploring what the behaviour and play is communicating, I help children to understand their emotions more fully and to manage their difficult feelings better.

I am experienced in working with children who have:
  • Continual worry

  • Sadness

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Trauma

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Phobias and fears

  • Insecurity and lack of confidence

  • Family disruptions

  • Oppositional behaviour

  • Difficulties with tantrums, anger and aggression

  • Attachment and separation issues

  • Problems in relationships with family members

  • Difficulties forming friendships

  • Difficulties with regulating emotions

  • Adapting to life with a new sibling


       Our child is so much calmer at home and the school have noticed a big difference too. We’re really grateful for all you’ve done for us.


Parent of 7 year old


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